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Our Mission

Our mission is to meet our customers’ satisfaction by providing them with the best, highest quality and authentic Moroccan Organic Argan Oil. Our promise is not only to add the finest, most delectable flavour to your culinary adventures but also to turn your dishes into Moroccan delights.

Azzelarab Elalaoui

Why Alassala?

We always make sure that we source our product from ethical and sustainable co-operatives to ensure that the local population continue to benefit from their remarkable local resource. We use only 100% Ethically Sourced Moroccan Argan Oil made by the women's co-operatives. This means that with every purchase our customers contribute directly to the Berber Women Charity of Morocco to protect the Berber Tribes and the Argan Forest.

Alassala Argan Oil is made from carefully selected Argan nuts from the best region of South west of Morocco. Processed in the most natural and original way possible, with no additives or preservatives, for we respond to the need of our customers for healthy food. We collect our Argan kernel nuts, by hand straight away after they fall from the tree.

We don’t wait for the goats to eat them and throw them again, then collect them. If this happen, then oil will have that acidic goaty smell. Our Alassala Moroccan Organic Argan Oil is as pure as any customer would like to have.

Simplicity and purity are our guidelines, for we keep our oil simple and pure. Our oil is 100 % first and cold pressed. Our Alassala Amlou Almond Paste is characterised with it’s fine delicate taste as the simple, healthy, delicious and mouth watering Almond Paste ever exist.

The quality of our product was one of the reasons we became a member of the Food and Drink forum, The Guild of Fine Food as well as East Midlands Fine Food and have been certified by, Ecocert, the European Council that control the organic agriculture in Morocco and by the UK Certification and Inspection Body Organic Farmers & Growers.