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Alassala Almond Amlou Paste

Amlou Paste known also as Argan spread, is a spread used on bread or Melba toasts.

It is made of grilled almonds and Organic Argan oil. It is a famous aphrodisiac tonic and can be eaten at breakfast time or served before a meal. Amlou is traditionally used by certain Berber tribes of Morocco for pastry making and was consumed by the Nomads who crossed the desert. Amlou has always enjoyed the prestigious, being traditionally kept in the bedroom of those who could afford it as it was considered an aphrodisiac. It has been a typical wedding gift for any new married bride or groom.

Alassala Almond Amlou Paste is served as a condiment with crepes, bread, crackers and it is spread on bread or Melba toasts. It is also a perfect garnish to a dish in a fine cuisine.

Alassala Moroccan Almond Amlou Paste made from luxurious blend of natural lightly toasted and ground Almond and the finest organic Argan oil, is a delicious, healthy alternative to any almond butter.